Allison Argent


Cyristal Reed as Allison Argent -Human(Hunter)-

Allison Argent was Scott McCall’s first love, Chris and Victoria Argent’s daughter, and a former member of Scott’s pack, as well as a member of the Argent family, a long line of werewolf hunters. She was best friends with Lydia Martin, friends with Jackson Whittemore, Stiles Stilinski and Kira Yukimura, and the girlfriend of werewolf Isaac Lahey. Allison was killed in episode “Insatiable” of Season 3 by the Oni, controlled by the Nogitsune, while saving Lydia and Isaac’s lives and died a hero in Scott’s arms.

In the pilot, “Wolf Moon”, Allison meets Scott McCall on her first day of school. There is instant chemistry between the two and they begin a romantic relationship. She is at first unaware of Scott and Derek’s lives as werewolves, and her family’s werewolf-hunter life. Her aunt Kate reveals the supernatural world to her in “Co-Captain” including her family’s werewolf-hunter life by showing her a captured Derek. In the Season 1 episode “Formality”, she is shaken up after the revelation, but she decides to be strong. Allison is shocked even further when it’s revealed Scott is a werewolf at the school formal. In the Season 1 finale, Kate entices Allison into joining her in hunting the Betas. Allison confronts Scott over his lies, but later Allison learns of what Kate truly is, sees Peter Hale the Alpha werewolf kill Kate as revenge for the Hale fire and helps to defeat Peter. Realizing that Scott’s dishonesty was to protect her, Allison kisses Scott and tells him she loves him. In Season 2, Scott and Allison are shown to be in love, but carry on their romance in secret after Chris threatens Scott to have him stay away from Allison and she promises to never see Scott again. Her grandfather, Gerard, decides that it is time she be trained to be an official hunter, which in her case means being groomed to eventually succeed her mother as the family’s leader. She helps Scott and Stiles deal with Derek’s pack, and later, the Kanima and its mysterious Master. Allison is devastated in “Party Guessed”, when she learns that her mother Victoria is dead. She is later corrupted by Gerard, who emotionally uses Victoria’s suicide to use her to attack and kill Derek’s pack, straining her relationships with her friends and Chris. She comes close to murdering Erica and Boyd, but her father shoots her bow out of her hand saving their lives. In the Season 2 finale, when Gerard holds her captive with the Kanima so he can force Scott to have a paralyzed Derek Bite him to cure his cancer, Allison realizes what her grandfather is, and her mistake. Allison, saddened by the death of her mother and feeling guilty over her actions breaks up with Scott. Scott accepts this. Allison also reconciles with Chris, after all they’ve lost.

At the start of Season 3, Allison returns to Beacon Hills having spent the summer with Chris in France and has had no contact with Scott whatsoever in the past four months. Although she and Scott are no longer together, they still care deeply for each other. She and Chris have made a pact to lay aside their family legacy to start a real, normal life. Eventually Allison finds out from Scott that Victoria tried to murder him back in Season 2 which is why Derek Bit her, to save Scott’s life. Allison accepts this. In violation of her agreement with her father, she begins to help Scott and Derek fight against the Alpha pack. Allison and Isaac also mend fences as she attacked him during her moral spiral, so much that they frequently partner up to deal with the current situation and they develop feelings for each other. Isaac is chosen as her tether when she has to undertake a dangerous ritual to save her missing father from being sacrificed by Jennifer Blake, the Darach. Deaton warns her along with Scott and Stiles that sacrificing themselves, temporarily, with have lasting mental effects on them, having a permanent darkness around her heart. In “Lunar Ellipse”, Allison, with help from Isaac, find the parents in the root cellar just before Jennifer sacrifices them. In response to the Nemeton’s activation, Allison convinces her father to bring both of them out of retirement, accepts her role as leader of the family and states a new code: “Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes”, which is “we protect those who cannot protect themselves” in English.

In “Anchors”, as a result of her sacrifice to the Nemeton, Allison suffers from hallucinations seeing visions of Kate and suffers from trembling which has been interfering with her motor and archery skills. Using her new code as an anchor, Allison regains her confidence and sharp-shooting skills, saving the werecoyote, Malia Tate’s life. She still cares for Scott and appear slightly hurt, but shows acceptance when he starts going out with Kira Yukimura. After a series of fits and starts, Allison also starts acting on her feelings for Isaac, starting a relationship with him. Isaac is electrified and induced into a coma by a trap set by off the Nogitsune saving her life. In “The Fox and the Wolf”, Allison suffers a minor breakdown from all the pressure on her shoulders, confessing to Stilinski she seems to always feel scared due to the dangers and she’s conflicted over her feelings with Scott and Isaac, the latter she thinks could be dying. In “De-Void”, to her relief, Isaac recovers and spends the night with her. With Kira’s help, she keeps Isaac, and the twins at bay when it’s realized they are under the Nogitsune’s control. After Lydia is kidnapped by the Nogitsune in “Insatiable”, Allison sets out to search for her with Isaac. She learns Isaac was still himself when he slept with her before the Nogitsune’s fly took control to her content relief. In the meantime, Chris teaches her how to cast her own silver bullet as part of her allegiance to the code so she can graduate as a hunter. She opts to make a silver arrowhead instead, since the bow is her weapon. She tells Chris she loves him and is proud of what they’ve done. At Camp Oak Creek, the Nogitsune gains control of the Oni and turns them against Kira, Isaac, and Allison. During the fight, Isaac is severely mauled by the Oni and is about to be killed. Allison draws her final arrow, her silver arrowhead and fires it into the Oni, destroying the demon entity and saving Issac’s life. Another Oni runs her through with its sword. Allison collapses into Scott’s arms. He tells her that Lydia is safe. Dying, she comforts a horrified Scott, saying it’s perfect, she’s in the arms of her first love and tells Scott she loves him. She tells Scott he has to tell her father. Allison dies.

In the Season 3 finale, “The Divine Move”, Isaac realizes Allison wanted Scott to tell Chris was that she’d figured out the Oni are vulnerable to silver; she’d forged four additional arrowheads, one for each demon. Chris and Isaac go to the school and using the arrowheads, destroy the last of the Oni, avenging Allison. After the Nogitsune’s defeat, Scott, Stiles and Lydia return to their normal lives mourning their close friend’s death. Chris and Isaac leave Beacon Hills together to help each other cope.

During Season 4, her father and friends continue to mourn her death.

Allison was naturally caring, sweet, charming, strong-minded and loyal to her friends and family, going to great lengths to protect them. She was best friends with Lydia and was deeply in love with Scott, disobeying Chris’ violent demand that she break up with him. However, after she was corrupted by Gerard in Season 2, using the death of her mother, she temporarily changed becoming reminiscent of her aunt Kate; sadistic, bloodthirsty and cold-hearted, even to Scott. Though after the events of “Master Plan”, after Gerard threatened her life, she showed genuine sadness, guilt and remorse for the horrible things she did. Allison had a natural talent for archery and is an accomplished gymnast. As a werewolf hunter, Allison displayed skills in hand-to-hand combat, wiring vehicles, first aid, hunting werewolves and weaponry such as Chinese ring daggers as well as her archery skills.



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