Araya Calavera


Ivonne Coll as Araya Calavera -Human(Hunter)-

Araya Calavera is the leader of the Calaveras, a Hispanic werewolf-hunter family based out of Mexico. In Season 3B, Derek and Peter Hale had come to South America, confronting her clan to retrieve the claws of Talia Hale. Unfortunately the hunters captured the two werewolves. Araya calls off her subordinates when they are torturing the two captive wolves and interrogates them herself. She demands to know the location of “La-Loba”. When Peter remains silent, she takes a blade – and lacerates Peter’s right ring finger leaving him screaming in agony. Araya and her subordinates leave them be, but tells them she was only going to ask him “nine more times”. Araya arrives in Beacon Hills at the Sheriff’s station in “Echo House”, pretending to be Chris Argent’s lawyer when he is arrested for suspicion of murder. Araya states her disappointment with his family’s retirement from hunting. She supplements her opinion with her belief that Victoria honored them by committing suicide upon being Bitten. Chris defies, telling Araya Victoria would have honored Allison by staying alive. Araya leaves without revealing what she is up to. In “The Divine Move”, it’s discovered the “La-Loba” that Araya is hunting is actually Kate Argent who was transformed into a werejaguar after Peter Hale slashed her throat.
In the Season 4 premiere, “The Dark Moon”, Scott and his Pack infiltrate Araya’s home under the belief she and her men had taken Derek, however, the hunters manage to outmaneuver them and take them hostage, revealing they don’t have Derek. Araya has Scott and Lydia wired for torture by electricity. She has Kira turn the dial on Scott by threatening to electrocute Lydia as a test for what kind of Alpha Scott is. During the torture, Araya viciously claims Scott already knows who could have Derek, someone who was a shapeshifter, but not turned by a Bite, who had a vendetta against him. Scott figures out that Kate is whom Araya is referring to. Araya spitefully tells Scott he wouldn’t have believed her if she’d just told him. Araya has been hunting Kate ever since Kate broke the Hunter’s Code by refusing to commit suicide upon her transformation. Having confirmed Scott is a True Alpha by Scott overcoming the electricity by sheer determination, Araya intends to use Scott and his friends to find Kate for her as the men she’s sent have wound up dead. Araya releases Scott’s Pack with a veiled threat, if Scott Bites an innocent, she’ll come knocking at his door. In “I.E.D.”, Araya and Severo arrive in Beacon Hills to enlist Chris in hunting Kate. Chris and Severo hold each other at gunpoint, at which she amusedly calls as “a standoff”. Araya recites the Hunter’s Code and plays on Chris’ grief over Victoria and Allison’s deaths family to have him change his ways and return to be a hunter. In “Smoke and Mirrors”, Araya and her hunters arrive at La Iglesia and face off against Kate and her Berserker. After Kate kills one of her men, Kate tells Araya she’s next. Araya faces the werejaguar, telling “La-Loba” she’ll see how the Calaveras die. Instead, Araya and Severo watch on as Kate is defeated, severely mauled by Derek. When Kate escapes, Araya continues her hunt of her with Chris in tow as he agreed to, but on the condition she has to leave Scott and his Pack be.

Araya is most often portrayed as easily amused with a wide smile on her face, while simultaneously displaying her ruthlessness, sadism and cruelty towards supernaturals, particularly werewolves typical of a hunter, or hunters who violate the Code, even people who cross her as she murdered one of her own men for “robbing” her and also to provide a demonstration for Lydia’s banshee talents. While zealous as a werewolf hunter, she follows the Hunter’s Code not to kill supernaturals unless there’s proof they’ve harmed innocents. Her base of operations is a music/dance club as she has an adoration for “the music of youth”.



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