Meagan Tandy as Braeden -Human-

Braeden is a US Marshall-turned-mercenary, an ally of Scott’s Pack and Derek’s love interest in Season 4. Braeden saved Isaac from the Alpha Pack, in the Season 3 premiere, “Tattoo”. Both she and Isaac are taken to the hospital after a motorcycle accident, where the Alphas come to capture them. However, Braeden escapes and heads to the high school, looking for Scott, who she calls the Alpha. She comes up to Allison and Lydia asking for Scott. Unfortunately the twins spot her. She leaves bruises on the girls’ arms. The Alphas corner her and she manages to put up a good fight against the Pack, but is ultimately knocked down after sustaining wounds from them. Braeden lets Deucalion know she knows he’s afraid of Scott, of ‘the man he’ll become’. The Alpha pack leader informs her he’s aware Scott’s a potential threat, but he intends to place Derek and Scott against each other to eliminate “the threat” and slashes her, supposedly killing her.
Braden’s actions are revealed in the episodes “Chaos Rising”, that the bruises she left on Allison and Lydia form the logo for the abandoned Beacon Hills First National Bank where the Alpha pack is holding Boyd and Cora hostage and “Currents”, that her words regarding Scott was that he had the potential to be a True Alpha and was intending to warn him about the Alpha Pack and Deucalion’s plan for him. Her identity remained unknown until “Alpha Pact” when the Alpha Pack confront Marin Morrell that she sent her in a move against them. Morrell reveals she sent Braeden to rescue Isaac from the Alphas, to ensure balance. In “More Bad Than Good”, it is discovered Braeden is actually alive, but scarred on her face and neck from Deucalion’s claws. She rescues Derek and Peter from the Calavera werewolf hunters and helps them retrieve the triskele urn in the hunter’s possession. She reveals she was hired by Deucalion to save them. While Braeden is shown to be fearless, spontaneous and altruistic, her motives are explained that she is a mercenary for hire, taking dangerous jobs from anyone who can pay her, regardless of her client’s intentions or identity, or the moral compunctions of her missions.

Braeden appears in “The Dark Moon” in Season 4, being provided by Araya Calavera as a guide to Scott’s Pack during their mission in Mexico to find Derek. She’s taken a contract from the Calaveras to find Kate, capture her and bring her back to them. Scott asks her if she’d kill Kate if paid enough. She replies if paid enough, she’d kill Scott himself. Braeden appears in Beacon Hills in her US Marshall pose, where Derek hires her to find Kate for him first for a higher sum of money for going against the Calaveras (over Peter’s haggles about the price as they were recently robbed). Braeden accepts, exchanging flirtatious banter with the werewolf. Braeden is found wounded, shot by an assassin, in the Preserve at Lookout Point by Derek where he was trying to track down the Pack led by the Alpha Satomi. Derek brings her to the hospital where she informs Derek and Melissa that the dead Pack members she found were infected by a virus lethal to supernaturals. She catches Derek watching over her, he claims to be “protecting his investment.” Recovering in “Time of Death”, Braeden crashes at Derek’s loft, continuing their interest in one another. When Derek reveals he’s gradually losing his power, Braeden takes Derek under her wing to teach him how to fight supernaturals as a human, beginning with firearms. They wind up sleeping with each other, starting a relationship. In “Perishable”, Braeden interrogates the incarcerated Haige after he tried to assassinate Parrish. She learns of the plan to assassinate Scott’s Pack at the school bonfire. With her lessons for Derek in hand-to-hand combat and firearms paying off, both are able to fight off the assassins both at the school, saving Scott, Malia and Liam’s lives, and at the Argent Arms International warehouse when protecting Satomi’s pack. Braeden and Derek gear up to hunt down Kate in Mexico after she abducts Scott and Kira. Braeden tells Derek she’s not accepting that Derek may not come back alive after he confides in her, sharing a sweet kiss with him. At La Iglesia, Braeden fights off Kate and a Berserker. She is saddened shedding a tear when Derek supposedly dies, but is elated when he’s actually alive from the process of evolving. At the end of Season 4, Derek and Braeden continue their relationship; she relays her employment as a US Marshall ended when she spent her entire career tracking a single target: The Desert Wolf.



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