Brett Talbot


Cody Saintgune as Brett Talbot -Werewolf-

Brett Talbot is a Beta werewolf of Satomi’s Pack and a lacrosse player at Liam’s old school, Devonford Prep. Brett is Liam’s rival. Brett is originally portrayed as disliking Liam because of his violent behavior, but is later seen to be a loving, loyal member in his Pack. Brett is first seen in “I.E.D.”, when his lacrosse team arrive at Beacon Hills High for the pre-season scrimmage. Liam approaches Brett, attempting to show sportsmanship, but Brett and his teammates tell Liam they are going to break him in half for what he did to their coach’s car. During the game, Brett refuses to let Liam off for the car incident when Scott asks him to as Scott was attempting to keep Liam from losing control. When Brett comes into a collision with Liam and Garrett, he is transported to the locker’s room, Stiles learns Brett is on the Dead Pool, worth $1m and is a Beta werewolf. Brett wasn’t initially identified as a werewolf because he was taught how to mask his scent. He is attacked by the assassin Violet and is defenseless because the other assassin Garrett had poisoned him with a blade laced with yellow monkshood. Brett is saved by Scott, and is taken to Dr. Deaton’s clinic for treatment by Stiles and Derek. Brett chants the mantra, “The sun, the moon, the truth”. This allows Deaton, Derek and Peter to figure out that Brett is of a Pack which has an affinity for Buddhism, and whose Alpha is Satomi Ito. In “Monstrous”, Brett, along with fellow Beta Lori is seen being chased by assassins who are hunters. Brett stands in front of Lori to protect her when hunters have laser sights on them, and arrows are subsequently fired at them, but Kira saves their lives slicing the arrows while in the air. At the Animal Clinic, Brett and Lori have regrouped with Satomi and the remaining Pack who are all tired and battle-weary. They all meet Scott who has them take refuge at the Argent Arms Int. warehouse until the Dead Pool is finally shut down. In “A Promise to the Dead”, Brett has made peace with Liam, in repentance for Scott saving his life, and those of his remaining Pack members. During the real game against Beacon Hills High, Liam is still traumatized from fighting the Berserkers, causing them to lose the game. Brett helps Liam overcome his trauma by telling Liam he’s alive, and he’s lucky to have Scott as his Alpha because Scott is a True Alpha.



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