Chris Argent


JR Bourne as Chris Argent -Human(Hunter)-

Christopher “Chris” Argent is Allison’s father and a werewolf-hunter veteran. Chris is a strong minded, no-nonsense man, and overprotective of Allison. While initially hostile towards the werewolves, Chris has a sense of honor and morals unlike most of his family; he sticks to the Hunter’s Code not believing in killing the innocent. He is antagonistic towards Derek Hale, and has a rocky relationship with Scott due to Scott’s status as both a werewolf and Allison’s love interest, but as of Season 3, Chris now sees Scott firmly as an ally. In the Season 1 finale, Chris confronts Kate over her involvement in the Hale fire and fires a warning shot at her to have her take her gun off Scott. In Season 2 he forces Allison and Scott to break off their relationship, and begins Allison’s training to be a hunter, but grudgingly keeps Scott safe for her sake. Chris confronts Allison over her knowledge of the murders committed by the Kanima explaining to her that because they know of the supernatural, it is the hunters’ role to protect humanity from them. When Victoria is Bitten, she asks Chris to help her commit suicide, to obey the Hunter’s Code and has to comfort Allison after his wife’s death. In “Fury”, Chris is reluctant to let Allison take charge of the family. He eventually follows her lead but becomes upset and cautious when Gerard corrupts her. After Allison almost murders Erica and Boyd out of rage in “Battlefield”, Chris saves their lives, horrified by the person she’s becoming. In realizing what Gerard is, Chris rebels against his family’s crusade, sets Erica and Boyd free and allies with Scott to stop Gerard in the Season 2 finale.
In Season 3A, Chris and Allison have retired from hunting to stay out of supernatural affairs. In “Fireflies”, Scott goes to him for help in stopping Cora and Boyd when they are under the influence of the full moon. Chris initially refuses saying Scott’s world “decimated his”. After seeing a supposed victim of their rampage, he relents assisting Scott, Derek, and Isaac, in finding and capturing them. Despite saying that he has retired, Chris starts getting involved with the Alpha Pack situation in “Motel California” and is revealed to have been hunting the Darach for some time and knows also about Allison’s continued involvement. He has also grown more amicable and compromising with Allison’s relationships with her friends. When Jennifer names him as the final sacrifice, Chris hands himself over to keep his daughter safe and is kidnapped by her. He is held in the Nemeton along with Scott’s mother and Stiles’s father, all three being Guardians of their children for the final sacrifice. Chris and the other parents are eventually rescued by his daughter, Isaac and Stiles. He decides to re-work the werewolf hunter’s code with Allison in the mid-Season 3 finale and “protect those who cannot protect themselves”, since the Nemeton had been revitalized. During Season 3B, when the Oni appear in Beacon Hills, Chris relays a tale to the group in “Silverfinger”. 24 years earlier, at the age of 18, Gerard had Chris conduct his first gun deal leaving out the fact that the customers were Yakuza. During the meeting, three Oni appeared and went after the Yakuza boss, the kumichō, who was supernatural, possessed by a Nogitsune. Chris had survived and saved the life of a man called “Silverfinger” by shooting one of the Oni directly in the face, shattering its mask. Chris and Derek also come to solve their differences in “Letharia Vulpina”, when Derek saves his life, shielding Chris from the blast of a bomb, and after n Derek is freed from the Nogitsune possession in “De-Void”, Chris tells Derek he’s not his enemy anymore. In the penultimate episode of Season 3, when he shows Allison how to cast a silver arrowhead to graduate as a hunter, Allison takes the time to tell Chris she loves him and she’s proud of what they’ve accomplished. Chris later arrives at the Oak Creek camp and sees that Allison has been killed. In “The Divine Move”, Chris feels devastation, but knows how to deal with it saying he has the capacity and a skill to compartmentalize his emotions. He actually comforts Isaac over the latter’s sorrow. Isaac figures out that Allison wanted Scott to tell him that she had destroyed the Oni with her silver arrowhead. He has Chris recall his first deal where he’d shot off an Oni’s mask; Chris had fired a silver bullet, but the bullet must have gone through and through: silver is a poison to the Oni. They come to the school and destroy the remaining Oni with the arrowheads avenging Allison. Chris leaves Beacon Hills for France with Isaac in tow to permanently put away the Nogitsune trapped in the triskele urn and to help each other come to terms with the death of his daughter.

In “The Benefactor”, Chris returns to Beacon Hills after receiving Scott’s text telling him Kate is alive and in Beacon Hills. Chris arrives just in time to help Scott corral and subdue Liam. While apparently dealing with Allison’s death, determined to honor her by upholding her Code and resolved to protect her loved ones during the Dead Pool situation, Chris is shown to be desolate, harboring immense grief. Chris had a suspicion about Kate being alive from a number of shotgun shells Derek found which were marked with the symbol fleur-de-lis, a favorite of Kate’s. Chris says he has a place he can take Kate, if necessary. He receives a visit from the Calaveras who come to enlist him in hunting Kate. He ends up making a deal with them. In “A Promise to the Dead”, Chris tracks Kate’s Berserkers to the sewers, but he’s captured by Peter. He pegs Chris to the sewer wall through a rebar, then bending it, trapping him. He is found by Parrish but eventually Chris tells Parrish to just leave him, to warn Scott about Peter and Kate, and gives into his grief, telling Parrish, “I’ve got nothing left”. Parrish refuses, telling Chris he knows about Allison, and how she felt about Scott. He entices Chris to use anger over how Allison would feel if Scott were in danger, and Chris eventually breaks free. Chris and Parrish, along with the Calaveras arrive at La Iglesia and face off against Kate and her Berserker. He defeats Kate by shooting her with a yellow monkshood laced bullet, paralyzing her. Chris tells his sister that Allison died saving her friends’ lives, he wonders is she worth saving while he won’t kill her. Kate escapes. Chris leaves with the Calaveras to hunt down Kate, in exchange they leave Scott’s Pack alone.



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