Derek Hale


Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale -Werewolf-

Derek Hale is a werewolf by birth and a member of Scott’s Pack. Derek lived in Beacon Hills with his family, a Pack of both werewolves and humans. At age 15, Derek fell in love with a girl named Paige. Wanting to be with her forever, Derek, with some manipulative persuasion from his uncle Peter, came up with the idea of turning her into a werewolf. Peter asked Ennis, an Alpha werewolf, to give her the Bite. However, Derek, hearing Paige’s screams, changed his mind but realizes he is too late to save her and that Paige was actually rejecting the Bite. Knowing that Paige will die instead, Derek broke her spine to end her suffering. The killing of an innocent caused his werewolf eyes to change from yellow to blue, darkening his soul. Later on, Derek entered into a sexual relationship with Kate Argent, unaware she was a werewolf-hunter and was only using him to get information on the Hales. Kate burned the Hale House down, killing most of Derek’s family and rendering Peter comatose. Derek and his older sister Laura were at school at the time, and left Beacon Hills for New York soon after. Due to his tragic experiences, Derek became angry, dark, cynical, defensive and mistrustful.

In Season 1, Derek returns to Beacon Hills six years after the fire to investigate a mysterious Alpha werewolf that had Bitten Scott McCall and had killed Laura. He attempts to train Scott to help him control his new werewolf nature. He is antagonistic towards the Argents, especially Chris, and Kate the murderer of his family, and immediately disapproves of Scott’s relationship with Allison Argent. He does not immediately get along with Stiles, and tends to bully him, along with Scott into participating in his plans by intimidation. In “Wolf’s Bane”, Derek discovers the Alpha is his uncle Peter who had purposely killed Laura to become an Alpha. In the Season 1 finale, Derek becomes the new Alpha werewolf, after killing Peter to avenge Laura’s death. In Season 2, Derek exhibits pride and a hunger for power. He attempts to recruit Scott into his Pack, but Scott no longer trusts him. He goes on to Bite three students from Beacon Hills High, Isaac, Erica and Boyd, all with dark backgrounds, easily recruiting them to his Pack in exchange for power and confidence. He is threatened by the Kanima and sets out to kill it. As the dangers escalate, Erica and Boyd leave, frightened of the Argents’ werewolf genocide. Derek grows to respect Scott more over time, treating him as more of an equal, especially after Scott puts an end to Gerard’s threat and after saving each other’s lives multiple times, Derek somewhat humors Stiles and comes to trust his judgment. In the finale “Master Plan”, it is revealed the reason Derek was in such a hurry to build his Pack and power was because an Alpha pack would be on the look out for a development such as a new Alpha rising.

In Season 3A, the Alpha Pack, lead by the fearsome Alpha Deucalion arrive in Beacon Hills ostensibly to recruit Derek, and are holding Boyd and Erica hostage. Derek is saddened when Erica is found dead, but is emotionally shaken when he discovers his younger sister Cora who had survived the fire is found also. When Boyd and Cora are feral under the full moon, Derek saves Jennifer Blake, the new English teacher, from them. Derek becomes attracted to Jennifer, starting a relationship with her. After discovering that Cora is alive, Derek displays a more caring, humane side of himself around her, is protective of her and actually cares about what she thinks of him. He is broken when the Alphas have him kill Boyd by accident, which also causes him to also see Erica’s death from the former’s memories. Jennifer is later revealed to be the Darach who was making Human sacrifices across Beacon Hills, and had poisoned Cora with mistletoe for leverage against him to his anger. Not caring about power anymore, Derek gives up his Alpha status to save Cora from death, helps Scott put a stop to Jennifer to save the kidnapped parents, but they decide to spare Deucalion. Derek leaves town with Cora for South America. In Season 3B, Derek is on a mission with Peter in South America to retrieve his mother Talia’s claws which are in the possession of a family of hunters, the Calaveras. He and Cora have also separated, as he had her go into hiding. They retrieve the claws with the mercenary Braeden’s help. After returning to Beacon Hills, Derek has Peter use a ritual to communicate with Talia’s ghost. Derek meets with Scott, tells him Talia had told him the Hales didn’t only live in Beacon Hills, they protected the town and it needs someone like Scott to continue protecting it. Derek also solves his differences with Chris after he saves Chris’ life from a bomb set off by the Nogitsune, and Chris tells Derek they aren’t enemies anymore right after the Nogitsune possesses him to have Chris killed. In the Season 3 finale, Derek and the twins face off against the Oni after bringing the triskele urn which held Talia’s claws because it could be used to seal the Dark Kitsune away. Derek is last seen being cornered in his loft by the Calaveras. Suddenly the hunters are killed one by one, and the assailant shoots Derek, and he comes face to face with a revealed-to-be-alive Kate Argent.

In the Season 4 premiere, “The Dark Moon”, its revealed Kate is holding Derek in Mexico, in the catacombs of an Aztec temple underneath La Iglesia. Scott’s Pack and Braeden rescue him, but Kate, using the talents of Tezcatlipoca, had Derek regressed in age and memory to 15 or 16 years old, the time of his life when he was sleeping with Kate, when he trusted her. In the episode “117”, Kate used him to have him reveal to her the location of the Hale vault so she could steal the Triskelion, believing it could help her learn control. Derek battles Kate’s Berserkers, shifting to his werewolf form, and this causes him to return to his normal age, but his werewolf eye colour has changed back to gold. He later realizes this means he’s gradually losing his werewolf power. Derek hires Braeden to find Kate for him over her contract with the Calaveras. Braeden accepts, while simultaneously flirting with him. Derek attempts to track down the Pack of Satomi Ito to warn them of the Dead Pool, but he finds a massacre along with an injured Braeden whom he takes to the hospital. Derek and Braeden’s interest in each other deepens. Learning about Derek’s situation, Braeden gives him lessons teaching him how to use firearms, specifically a P226 as well as hand-to-hand combat necessary for a human against supernatural foes. Their lesson culminates with them sleeping with each other. Derek excels at Braeden’s lessons, overpowering the assassins at the high school and learning how to use his new handgun during the shootout while protecting Satomi’s Pack. With Lydia arriving at his loft letting out a Banshee Scream, Derek contemplates the fact he may not come back alive on the mission to rescue Scott, sharing a kiss with Braeden. Upon arrival, Derek is wounded by a Berserker and dies, but he later revives with all of his powers restored, destroying the Berserker, as well as gaining the talent to shapeshift into a full wolf, like his mother Talia and sister Laura before him. Derek states he was actually Evolving all throughout Season 4.



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