Erica Reyes


Gage Golightly as Erica Reyes -Werewolf-

Erica Reyes Erica was a student at Beacon Hills who suffered from epilepsy. Her father, Mr. J. Reyes, was the insurance adjuster who investigated the car crash that killed Gordon and Margaret Miller, Jackson Whittemore’s biological parents in 1995, and whom also withholds the insurance settlement Jackson is to receive upon his eighteenth birthday for their deaths.
At the hospital after a seizure in “Ice Pick”, Derek seduces her with the Bite, promising her that not only her epilepsy would go away, along with the side-effects, but she would become even better. Erica accepted the Bite, becoming a werewolf and the second member of Derek’s Pack. She changed remarkably, her originally timid, self-conscious personality becoming more confident, snarky, flirtatious and stylish. She revealed that she used to have a huge crush on Stiles, but he never noticed her since he was “too busy” with his crush to Lydia. Erica was shown to be close to both Isaac and Boyd throughout the season, and repeatedly antagonized Allison. Erica had hit on Scott twice, hinting that she was attracted to him. She along with the rest of the Pack, attempted to stop the Kanima and goes rabid on her first full moon and has to be restrained by Derek. Near the end of Season 2, terrified of the Argents’ werewolf genocide she and Boyd decide to leave Derek to find a new Pack, becoming Omega werewolves in the process, but are lead into a trap by the Argents. Erica is almost killed by a corrupted Allison, angry over her mother’s death, but Boyd saves her life catching the arrow but is plummeted by multiple arrows from Allison. Erica hysterically begs Allison to stop when she readies a seventh shot, but Boyd is saved by Chris Argent. In the Season 2 finale, they were held hostage by Gerard, but were freed by Chris. While fleeing again, Erica and Boyd were trapped by the Alpha pack.

During Season 3, it is revealed that she and Boyd were held captive by the Alpha Pack in the abandoned Beacon Hills First National Bank. During captivity, she and Boyd had a heart-to-heart about them possibly becoming stronger during the lunar eclipse. Erica says she hopes it does, while looking at Kali with baleful eyes. Erica decides to fight, taking on Kali, but she dies from the fight in the process, reaching for Boyd her good friend, whispering his name with her last breath. Isaac later reveals that he found them and also Erica’s body when being captured and escaping. After Derek finds Erica’s body, he mourns her death and carries it out of the bank. Derek sees the circumstances of her death through Boyd’s memories as he absorbs Boyd’s powers, which shatters him emotionally.




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