Mason Dye as Garrett -Human-

Garrett was a freshman at Beacon Hills High School, Violet’s boyfriend and an assassin along with his girlfriend Violet called ‘the Orphans’. Garrett is first seen in “Muted” during lacrosse practice and was on the lacrosse team. In “The Benefactor” he, Mason and Violet attend the party at Lydia’s lake house with the other freshmen. Garret pays for the beer keg that was delivered to the party by the distributor named DeMarco Montana. Both he and Violet are working for ‘the Benefactor’ by assassinating supernaturals in Beacon Hills, as seen when he and Violet learn they’ve received the money in their account by a text sent by ‘the Benefactor’ after Violet kills DeMarco, whom was a werewolf, and they kiss.
Garrett and Violet chase down and assassinate another werewolf on the Dead Pool in “I.E.D.”, Carrie Hudson, with Garrett delivering the killing blow using a blade concealed within his lacrosse stick. Garrett tries to talk Violet out of going after Scott saying he came out on top when the Alpha Pack went after him. He reasons that their actual target, Beta werewolf Brett Talbot was worth a lot of money as well. During the lacrosse game, Garrett wounds Brett with his weaponized lacrosse stick which was laced with a rare species of wolfsbane to immobilize Brett. Scott and his Pack catch onto Garrett. Violet, instead of assassinating Brett, sets a trap for Scott which only ends with Scott overpowering Violet. When Violet is taken into federal custody, Garret goes into hiding. Scott finds a duffel bag in Garrett’s school locker full of money. Out in the Beacon Hills Preserve, Garrett kidnaps Liam, poisons him with wolfsbane and traps him in a well deep in the preserve. He uses Liam as a bargaining chip against Scott to free Violet from the police. He meets with Scott after calling him on Liam’s phone, telling the Alpha he wants both Violet and his money back, saying Liam will die if the wolfsbane reaches his heart. Scott and Garret follow the federal transport vehicle holding Violet. They come up to the overturned vehicle which had already been attacked by Kate and her Berserkers and Violet is taken. Garrett takes out his weaponized blade on a staff and wields it intending to take on the Berserker in his path, but the other Berserker sneaks up behind him, and runs Garrett through with its bone blade, killing him.

Scott and Stiles take Garrett’s duffel bag, hide it in Scott’s room and tell no one. They count the money, the resulting amount being $500k, and they are tempted to use the money to solve their parents’ financial troubles. They also find a cassette tape from ‘the Benefactor’ issued to the assassins, telling them that ‘visual confirmation’ is always required for payment.



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