Jordan Parrish


Ryan Kelley as Jordan Parrish -Unknown-

Deputy Jordan Parrish is the Sheriff’s new assistant deputy at the station in Season 3B, an ally of Scott’s Pack, and also a supernatural being, though what species is currently unknown. Parrish makes his first appearance when Stiles goes missing in “Riddled”. He quickly gets Stilinski a location of Stiles’ jeep: the hospital. Parrish is ex-military, was in the army for two years, has skills in weaponry, computers and specifically explosives being a certified Hazardous Devices Technician (HDT). Parrish operated on the suspected bomb disguised as a birthday present left on the school bus, to determine if it was a bomb. He manages to distract the student Jared, the one holding the potential explosive while he was opening it with a trivial chat revealing that he is 24 years old. The bomb turns out to be a fake, but Parrish finds Sheriff Stilinski’s name tag with the realization that the real bomb is at the Sheriff’s station.
In “Insatiable” Stilinski tells Parrish he is a comfort to be around and asks why he’d transfer. Parrish responds that he transferred to Beacon Hills because he felt drawn there. This suggests that Parrish is supernatural, because the re-awakening of the Nemeton would draw supernatural entities to Beacon Hills. In the Season 3 finale, Parrish and Stilinski are attacked at the Sheriff’s station by the Oni, their wounds are secreting an ominous black substance, slowly killing them, but are cured when the Oni are destroyed. In Season 4 episode “Muted”, Parrish investigates the Walcott family murder where he comes across Lydia, who’s drawn to the site because of her banshee ability. Parrish lets her know of her reputation of being present at scenes where dead bodies turn up. He unwittingly asks her if she’s psychic. Lydia scoffs at Parrish asking if he believes in things like that. Parrish replies he prefers to not believe in anything, but he keeps an open mind. In “The Benefactor” Parrish, using his military background, helps Stilinski and Derek in analyzing the Mute’s motorized keypad, uncovering the fact that the Mute is an assassin and disarming the claymore mine planted at the school. In “I.E.D.” Parrish brings Meredith to the sheriff’s station and later helps her recite numbers which are a clue to the second third of the Dead Pool. Lydia later sees his name on the list confirming that Parrish is a supernatural, and being targeted with a $5m prize. She and Stiles show him the Dead Pool in “Orphaned”. He asks them why would he be on the list which they deflect for the time being. Parrish goes along with them for more information, helping them secure a visit to Meredith at Eichen House.

In “Perishable”, an assassination is attempted on Parrish. The culprit is his fellow deputy Haige. Haige soaks him in gasoline and sets Parrish on fire. His car and clothes burn, but his supernatural nature manifests: he survives being burnt, totally unharmed, no residual burns at all. Parrish walks into the sheriff’s station, and brutally attacks Haige, beating his would-be killer to a pulp. After the entire ordeal, Parrish is brought to Derek’s loft and meets with Scott, Derek and Lydia. The three Pack members subsequently let him in on the supernatural circle. Parrish comes to grips with what they tell him, though they can’t identify what species he is. Newly enlightened on the Dead Pool situation, Parrish helps Lydia and Stiles with the list of names Lorraine Martin left Lydia. They were all supposedly suicides committed at Eichen House, but Parrish later notices each suicide was reported by the same person: the head orderly, Brunski. Parrish arrives at the institution just in time to save Lydia from being killed by Brunski, shooting him dead. Parrish, tracking Peter Hale in “A Promise to the Dead”, arrives in the sewers and attempts to free Chris Argent from being pegged to the wall. Parrish tells Chris he needs adrenaline, and he can get it using anger or fear, and entices the older man to use anger over Allison’s death to give whatever he has left, and while pulling the rebar again, Parrish’s supernatural status inconspicuously triggers again, his eyes glowing a fiery orange. In “Smoke and Mirrors”, Parrish accompanies Chris to Mexico to rescue the Pack from Kate and her Berserkers. Lydia gives Parrish a copy of the bestiary and offers him her help to find out what his supernatural status is.



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