Ken Yukimura


Tom T. Choi as Ken Yukimura -Human-

Ken Yukimura is Kira’s father, the husband of Noshiko Yukimura, and the new History teacher at Beacon Hills High School. Ken is aware his wife and daughter are both Kitsunes. At school, Ken regularly unintentionally embarrasses his daughter by trying to help her make friends, spilling the fact that Kira has a liking for Scott (right in front of Scott himself), culminating in inviting Scott over for a sushi dinner with their family in “Galvanize”. In spite of his name, Ken is Korean, having married Noshiko in Japan, but taking her last name, as Japanese law requires that the couple must take the same last name to belong to the same Koseki (family registry). Ken affirms to Scott he was proud to join his wife’s family, given her family’s long and storied history which is famous in Japan. In “Riddled”, Allison and Isaac come to him for help in translating a strange Japanese voicemails on Allison’s phone from a mysterious unknown caller. He says the voice is instructing Japanese-Americans at an American internment camp named Camp Oak Creek during WWII. He tells them the message is fake as he says no such camp existed in California.
During the bomb scare at the school in “Letharia Vulpina”, Ken meets with Noshiko discreetly. Ken hands Noshiko her Kitsune Tails, contained in a fake book. He implores his wife to talk with Kira, after what happened at the hospital. In “The Fox and the Wolf”, the Nogitsune, inhabiting Stiles’ body, enters Ken’s classroom, looking for Noshiko’s Tails. The Dark kitsune infects Ken with one of its flies to possess him to have him reveal where the Tails are. He is saved by Noshiko using a remedy brought to them by Kira and Scott, to expel the fly. When Noshiko reveals her story concerning the Nogitsune, Ken admits he lied to Isaac and Allison about Camp Oak Creek existing because of the Argent family’s history of violence, unsure if he could trust Allison. He tells he’d met Noshiko during his time in grad school when he’d searched for the confirmation of Camp Oak Creek’s existence as the camp records were erased during a cover-up. He convinces his wife to share details with Scott, not just with Kira, saying allies should be welcome in times of war. Scott confronts him over his supporting Noshiko’s demand that Stiles be killed to destroy the Nogitsune. Ken placates the young Alpha werewolf, saying that Stiles is gone and because of the bloodbath caused by the Nogitsune in 1943, he says sometimes “history does repeat itself” and life can conspire against people. In “Insatiable”, when Kira is stressing about recent events and the secrets she’s learned, Ken comforts and advises his daughter, saying as a Kitsune, she has a lot to learn, specifically the game of Go in order to combat the Nogitsune, known as Baduk in his native Korea. In the Season 3 finale, when Kira and Stiles take refuge at their home, Kira asks what their move is now that Nogitsune has split from Stiles’ body and has taken control of the Oni. Ken says that at this point, to turn the game around against the Dark Kitsune, they need a divine move. When the Nogitsune has been put away, Ken and Noshiko correspondingly put away the Go pieces, as the game has been won.

In Season 4, Ken remains on the school staff as the History teacher, but Kira surprisingly learns her parents intend to move back to New York and objects, saying he has an important job at the high school. Ken reminds his daughter he was a professor at Columbia University before they moved out west. Ken finds the “For Sale” sign for their residence sliced into pieces, courtesy of Kira to sabotage the moving plans as she and Scott had resumed their romance, and she’s also joined the lacrosse team which Ken finds out. In “Weaponized”, Ken helps his daughter and the Pack locate a second entrance to the Hale Vault so they can hide when they lose control of their abilities during the virus out break. In “Smoke and Mirrors”, Ken has Kira’s obsidian piece which she used to trigger her healing reshaped as a shuriken as it represents Kira’s first Kitsune Tail, similar to how Kaiken blades represented those of his wife.



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