L. Brunski


Aaron Hendry as L.Brunski -Human-

Brunski was the head orderly at the mental institution Eichen House and a minor antagonist during Season 4. Brunski is rather sadistic and snarky, taking pleasure in harassing his charges or other people. Brunski is first seen in “Echo House”. When Stiles steals his key to the institution’s basement, Brunski catches Stiles and has Stiles locked up in a separate quiet room and sedates him with Haldol with a comment, “I always love the sarcastic ones.” Brunski is seen in “Insatiable”, when Meredith Walker escapes Eichen House to find the gang at Beacon Hills High School. Brunski and two of his orderlies come the school to take Meredith back to the institution, where he talks down to Coach Finstock. Apparently, when Brunski was in high school, Finstock was classmates with him and was bullied by him. He mocks Finstock over his teaching policy and Finstock is cowed by him. When Meredith is found in the music room, Brunski stalks her with a taser, but before he strikes, Finstock grabs the taser and shocks Brunski before he attacks the banshee, saying the school has a strict policy against bullying, and again when Brunski curses him.
In Season 4, Brunski appears in “Orphaned” where he hassles Parrish, Stiles and Lydia when they come visit Meredith. Brunski demands they come back with a court order. He then talks down to Stiles letting him know of Stilinski’s overdue payment for Stiles’ bills. Parrish has Brunski back off saying he owes them a favor for the Canaan PD talking him out of a DUI charge. Brunski finds Meredith’s corpse after she’d hung herself. In “Perishable”, Lydia and Stiles bribe Brunski with $500 for a look at Eichen House records concerning a list of people Lydia had been left by her grandmother, Lorraine Martin, who’d all committed suicide at the institution over the past decade. Brunski lets them into the file room, but just as Stiles realizes Lydia wrote down his name on the list, Brunski sneaks up behind them and tasers both of them. He binds them with restraints, and Lydia realizes the suicides committed were actually murders committed by him, including Lorraine and Meredith, and conclude that Brunski is ‘the Benefactor’. Brunski bawls that some people are just beyond helping, and that he helps them, not by treatment, but by “releasing them”. Brunski then plays a tape for Lydia – a recording of when he murdered Lorraine, emotionally torturing Lydia. Stiles bawls at him to turn off the tape, but he punches Stiles quiet. Lydia hears her grandmother’s dying words, pleading with Brunski not to hurt “Ariel”, Lorraine’s nickname for her granddaughter. Brunski takes a syringe, a lethal injection and just as he stabs the syringe into Lydia’s neck, Parrish appears. He orders Brunski to withdraw from Lydia’s neck. Brunski scoffs, telling Parrish “Young Deputy” that he’s young and bets he hasn’t ever fired a gun, but Parrish proves him wrong, shooting him.

As Brunski dies, he laughs telling them he wasn’t controlling Meredith or anyone, he wasn’t ‘the Benefactor’, he was being controlled by her. The true perpetuator behind the Dead Pool, the assassinations then appears, a very-much-alive Meredith Walker. Brunski was realized to have been blackmailed by Meredith in helping her put together the Dead Pool plan because of his being a serial killer. Brunski was the culprit who’d broken into the Hale Vault, stolen the Hales’ bearer bonds, converted them into cash, issued the tapes to the assassins and sent out the payments electronically under Meredith’s instructions.



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