Malia Hale

shelley 2

Shelley Hennig as Malia Hale -Werecoyote-

Malia Tate, sometimes referred to as Malia Hale, is a werecoyote, a member of Scott’s pack, the legal daughter of Henry Tate and the deceased Evelyn Tate, and the love interest of Stiles starting in Season 3B. She also has an unnamed deceased younger adoptive sister. In “Letharia Vulpina”, it’s revealed Peter is Malia’s biological father, but Talia had wiped his mind of the memory of his child. Malia’s biological mother is only known as ‘the Desert Wolf’. Malia was presumed dead for eight years from a car accident that claimed the lives of her mother Evelyn, and her younger sister. Malia was 9 years old at the time. She was actually alive fully transformed as a coyote for the intervening years. On the night of the car crash Malia had shapeshifted on a full moon. Her transformation had caused the car accident, and killed her mom and sister in the process earning her blue eyes by taking innocent lives. During the years she was missing, Malia lived in a coyote den near the car wreck. During Season 3B premiere “Anchors, Sheriff Stilinski reopens the case under a suspicion a supernatural may have been involved, and Scott and Stiles discover Malia in the woods. In the episode “More Bad Than Good”, Scott uses his Alpha roar to force Malia to shift back to human form. Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles bring her home and she is reunited with her father at the end of the episode. After eight years as a coyote in the wilderness, Malia is very in touch with her animal side, is rather brash, quick to fight, and tends to speak her mind. She initially struggles academically and shows little regard for social etiquette

In “Echo House”, Malia is interned at Eichen House mental hospital. There, she sees Stiles who has voluntarily committed himself. When he walks up to Malia, she punches him. Malia tells Stiles she is unhappy being human, because she now lives back with her father everyday and can’t tell him that she feels guilty that she killed her mom and sister, and Scott’s Alpha roar has caused her to remain human. Stiles, who needs access to the basement for information regarding the Nogitsune’s connection to Eichen House, specifically the kanji “self” on the wall, makes a deal with her: she helps him get into the basement, then Scott will teach her how to transform back. Stiles lets her in on his situation and they bond over their shared horrors, Stiles coming to care for Malia, and she being touched by his relativeness. Eventually Malia kisses Stiles, to his mutual consent and they wind up sleeping together. Behind the wall, they find the Nogitsune’s original host’s body, a sheathed katana and a photo. Afterwards, they are attacked by Oliver, Stiles’ roommate, who is being controlled by the Nogitsune. Stiles lets the Nogitsune back in, in exchange for the Kitsune calling off Oliver and sparing Malia. Malia later prepares to leave Eichen House, intending to rescue Stiles. Impressed with her change of character, Ms. Morrell tells Malia where to find Scott; as she departs, Malia’s eyes flash blue. She eventually brings the sheathed sword and the photo to Scott. At the end of Season 3, Malia has started to learn to live as a human, enrolling into Beacon Hills High School and joining Scott’s Pack.

In Season 4, Malia is continuing her romance with Stiles, with Scott teaching her how to control her transformations and the Pack attempting to help her reintegrate back into human society. Malia has a survival-of-the-fittest mentality, as shown when she was willing to leave Lydia behind when the group was held captive by the Calaveras. Nevertheless Malia proves to be loyal to her core and rather attached to Stiles stating she’d never leave him, and regularly sneaks into his house at night. Malia is struggling in learning control during the full moon. In “The Benefactor”, Stiles stays with her on the full moon; he surmises she lacks control because of her guilt in what she did to her mother and sister. He relates to her because of what he did while under the Nogitsune’s possession. Malia masters control at this and morosely embraces Stiles. The Pack keeps Malia in the dark that Peter Hale is her biological father, to protect her from the sociopathic werewolf, but in “Weaponized” Malia discovered the truth when she sees she is listed on the Dead Pool as “Malia Hale”. Malia is severely hurt and feels betrayed by Stiles keeping the information from her, straining her relationship with him. Malia meets with Peter, learning from him her real mother is known as ‘the Desert Wolf’. Malia doesn’t see herself different from Peter, he being a killer while she killed her adoptive mother and sister. She reveals to Stiles the day of the car crash, before she, her mother and sister got in the car, she’d had a fight with her mother and remembers saying she’d wished they were all dead. In “Monstrous”, after being almost burned alive by hitmen and learning of Stile’s own near-death experience, Malia, with a push from Melissa, ultimately makes up with Stiles, and at the Martin lakehouse they locate the computer servers that house the Dead Pool, and shut them down. On the mission to rescue Scott and Kira, Peter tries to coax Malia into unleashing her animal side in the fight against Kate and the Berserkers. Malia sees Peter for what he truly is upon learning he was intending to kill Scott. Malia is happy to learn Stiles is looking into her biological mother.



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