Marin Morrel


Bianca Lawson as Marin Morrel -Druid-

Marin Morrell is the guidance counselor and French teacher at Beacon Hills High. Throughout Season 2, Marin counseled both Stiles and Lydia through various traumas and helped Allison translate an entry in the Argent’s bestiary. It’s sporadically implied, and confirmed in “Raving”, that Marin is aware of the supernatural side of things when she is seen conversing with Deaton concerning the Kanima situation and leaving it all up to Scott and his allies. She asks Alan is he going to inform them “what’s coming”. At the end of Season 2, she convinces Alan to get more involved in the supernatural circle of Beacon Hills and the two start tracking Gerard after his plan fails.
At the beginning of Season 3, Marin is revealed to be somehow involved with Deucalion, the Alpha Pack leader. She is actually Alan’s younger sister and they are both practitioner druids called Emissaries that act as advisers to werewolf Packs, liaisons between them and humanity and she supposedly fulfills this role for the Alpha Pack. Marin was originally the Emissary for Deucalion’s original Pack and was the only one spared when the Alphas killed their Packs and their Emissaries. In the episode “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”, Scott confronts her asking her what Deucalion wants with him. Marin replies he wants to make a killer out of him, because if Scott kills someone he’ll destroy his potential to be a True Alpha or have Scott join his Pack, either way Scott is eliminated as a threat to Deucalion. In “Alpha Pact”, after the Darach is revealed to be Jennifer Blake, she is seen fleeing from the Alphas in the woods but protects herself with a mountain ash circle. They had suspected her to have had a role to play with the Darach. Marin confronts Deucalion over his ruthlessness in his goal to form his ‘perfect pack’, that she’d begun to try and stop him. Kali tells her they know she sent the mystery woman to save Isaac and had begun helping Scott and his friends find a way to stop Deucalion. Marin reveals the woman’s name was Braeden, that she’d sent Braeden to do what Marin herself does, “maintain balance” and reveals to the other Alphas that Alan had actually saved Ennis, but Deucalion killed him and lied to them about it being Derek who’d killed him. She tries to tell Kali he intended for her to force Derek’s decision to join the Pack, because that paves the way for Deucalion’s plans for him and Scott. Deucalion states she’s lying and injures her with his cane but Scott saves her and she tells him where they can find the location of the last Druid massacre, the Nemeton.

In Season 3B, Marin appears in “Echo House”, as a counselor at Eichen House, a mental hospital. She acts as Stiles’s contact when he voluntarily checks himself in at the institution to prevent the Nogitsune from harming anyone. Marin leads group therapy, which includes Stiles and Malia, discussing the subject of guilt. Stiles and Malia both offer input on the feeling because of the Nogitsune possessing him and Malia over her changing on a full moon causing the death of her mother and little sister. Marin cuts the session short when she notices the electric burn marks on Stiles’s neck, the site where Alan had injected the wolf lichen. Marin supplies Stiles with amphetamines to keep him awake as he needs to avoid sleeping when he’ll be most vulnerable to the Nogitsune possession. Marin lets Stiles know if the burns disappear completely, the Nogitsune returns and Scott and Alan haven’t found a cure by then, she will kill him by lethal injection to do what she does: “maintain the balance”. Stiles understands and thanks her for the “illicit drugs”. After the Nogitsune returns and escapes Eichen, Marin tells Malia where to find Scott so she can join in the hunt for Stiles.




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