Khylin Rhambo as Mason -Human-

Mason is a freshman attending Beacon Hills High School. Mason is an out-and-proud athlete, is loyal, easy-going and reliable. Mason is also openly gay and is Liam’s best friend. Mason first appears in “The Benefactor”, he notices Liam’s odd behaviour upon learning Liam ran three miles to get to school instead of taking the bus, his leg having apparently healed and his heavy breath, all part of Liam’s transformation into a werewolf. Mason invites the entire freshmen year over to Lydia Martin’s lakehouse when Liam texts him about a party, but he can’t find Liam.
In “I.E.D.”, Mason tries to calm Liam down when he lets Liam know the pre-season scrimmage is against his old school, Devonfort Prep and when Liam later confronts his rival, Brett Talbot. At the game, Mason tells Liam he can totally take Brett on, while at the same time being in denial that he thinks Brett is hot, but they both laugh it off. Mason shows concern over Liam’s strange behavior when he’s traumatized from fighting a Berserker and his fear because of the Dead Pool situation. At the annual lacrosse bonfire, he tells Liam not only does he want Liam to tell him what’s going on with him, he wants to help him. When Liam, Malia and Scott are immensely unwell, Scott tells Mason their well-being is not the drinks, its because of the music. A team of assassins had wired a sonic weapon into the music, that was weakening the three shapeshifters because of their sense of hearing. When Mason sees the three being taken away by the assassins, posing as security guards, Mason seemingly concerned about them, pulls the plug to the DJ’s booth, shutting off the music. This action unknowingly saves Scott, Liam and Malia from being burned to death. Mason, though thoroughly confused by what’s going on with Liam, he nevertheless tries to convince Liam to talk to him whenever he’s ready to talk in the penultimate episode of Season 4, “A Promise to the Dead”.



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