Noshiko Yukimura


Tamlyn Tomita as Noshiko Yukimura -Kitsune-

Noshiko Yukimura is Kira’s mother and Ken Yukimura’s wife. Noshiko is a Kitsune, though what type remains unknown, and she is almost 900 years old. Noshiko is first seen in “Galvanize” when Scott is invited over for a sushi dinner with the family after Scott and Kira develop an interest in each other. Noshiko tells Scott some of their family history. In “Riddled”, Noshiko replaces a light bulb for Kira’s room, but unintentionally displays talents similar to Kira’s, and Kira is instantly stunned and suspicious of her mother. Noshiko later appears at the hospital during the power surge. She faces off against the Nogitsune, whom is possessing Stiles Stilinski, with two of the Oni by her side. She and the Nogitsune trade words letting him know she will be undeterred in eliminating the Dark Kitsune, even if his chosen host is an innocent teenager. Later, Noshiko sees Kira manifest her Kitsune Foxfire defusing a sabotaged electrical cable, subsequently leaving Kira all the more suspicious. In “Letharia Vulpina”, Noshiko meets with Ken discreetly, where he hands her a fake book containing blades, unaware that Kira is spying on them. It’s eventually realized that Noshiko is also a Kitsune, and that she’s who summoned the Oni to Beacon Hills. The blades she carries are called Kaiken, physically representing her Kitsune Tails. By sacrificing a Tail, breaking it in half, a respective Oni is summoned from the Nemeton, and she can lead the demons. Noshiko is adamant that Stiles be killed to eliminate the Nogitsune’s threat. In “The Fox and the Wolf”, Scott and Kira object to her saying they want to save Stiles instead and implore her to call off the Oni. Noshiko reveals her story to her daughter and Scott, that she is responsible for unleashing the Nogitsune, saying he “came from (her)”.
In 1943, Noshiko was living in a “relocation camp” called Camp Oak Creek under Executive Order 9066. Noshiko would subtly improve the lives of the interned Japanese Americans by stealing food and supplies, all the while engaged in a clandestine romance with a field medic, Corporal Rhys. During a devastating outbreak of pneumonia, Noshiko and Rhys discovered that the camp’s army medics were selling medical supplies on the black market, resulting in several deaths in the camp. Noshiko hastily told her fellow interns of her discovery, but her actions had unintentionally incited a riot between the officers and the interns. Rhys had attempted to break up the riot but was set aflame by a Molotov cocktail thrown by an intern, Satomi, who Noshiko realized too late was a Bitten werewolf, and he died in agony. Eventually the officers opened fire and dozens of people (including Noshiko) were shot. Apparently dead, but incapacitated and healing, Noshiko learned the entire incident was going to be covered up. She was enraged the army medics were going to get away with mass murder, as well as distraught with Rhys’ death. Out of injustice, Noshiko prayed for her ancestors to send a Nogitsune to punish those responsible for the massacre, intending for the Dark Kitsune to possess her, for her pain and misery to imbue him with power. But a Kitsune cannot be controlled, and so being a trickster, the Nogitsune possessed Rhys’ corpse instead. He proceeded to slaughter not only the guilty officers, but also the interns at Eichen House when the inhabitants relocated there. Realizing her great mistake, Noshiko eventually cornered the Nogitsune and, with some unexpected help from Satomi, slew him. Noshiko had buried the fly from the corpse which embodied the Nogitsune’s very being near the Nemeton (then still standing). The Yukimuras had relocated to Beacon Hills because the ritual Allison, Stiles and Scott undertook released the Kitsune from its prison.

Later, Noshiko visits Rhys’ grave in the Eichen House’s basement in “De-Void”. Its revealed she had carved the kanji “self” into the board to signify that Rhys had died as himself, not as a monster when the Nogitsune possessed him. The Nogitsune corners her and he steals her last Kitsune Tail from her. In “Insatiable”, Noshiko and the Oni arrive at Camp Oak Creek to slay him. She confronts Kira protesting that she thinks he could be taken alive, saying that she tried to save Rhys seventy years ago, saying Stiles is gone. She admits that while she is indeed no longer the Fox because of the sacrifice of her Tails, her daughter is, but the Nogitsune is still her demon to bury. Unfortunately, the Void Kitsune, takes control of the Oni using her final Tail and he turns the demons against the group and Allison is killed. With the Oni taken from her control, Noshiko and Ken take Kira and Stiles back to their home. Kira asks her mom if the Nogitsune could be trapped again. Noshiko replies the Nemeton’s power is what trapped the Void kitsune. At the end of Season 3B, the Nogitsune is imprisoned in the triskele urn, and Noshiko feels at rest now that her enemy has been put away.

In Season 4, Noshiko and Ken are making plans to move back to New York. Kira objects to these plans not wanting to leave her friends. When Scott resumes his romance with Kira and Kira joins the lacrosse team, Kira sabotages the plans, to Noshiko’s annoyance. In “Time of Death”, during the Dead Pool situation, Noshiko shows Kira how to use her Thunder Kitsune Foxfire on Scott, to incapacitate him into a vegetative state, temporarily killing him as part of a plan to catch ‘the Benefactor’. Noshiko accompanies Melissa during the plan standing watch over at the hospital entrance. When Melissa snaps, asking her why they’re letting their supernatural children fight these fights, the Kitsune consoles her saying they’d be telling them to run and hide otherwise. When the Berserkers attack the hospital, Noshiko is injured, and because of her sacrificing her Kitsune Tails, her power is severely depleted and no longer heals like she used to. With Kira accompanying her, Noshiko is forwarded to a hospital in Palo Alto. In “Smoke and Mirrors”, Kira hallucinates her mother figuring out how to trigger a Kitsune’s healing, using pain from cutting herself using a piece of obsidian. Back in Beacon Hills, Noshiko presents Kira with the obsidian piece shaped into a shuriken. Kira figures out the shuriken represents her first Kitsune Tail with her mother smiling in pride.



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