Rafael McCall


Matthew Del Negro as Rafael McCall -Human-

Agent Rafael McCall is an FBI field agent, Scott’s biological father, and Melissa’s ex-husband. Rafael arrives in the episode “Alpha Pact” of Season 3, investigating the murders by the Darach. While it was implied throughout the run of the show (via Melissa’s response to Adrian Harris’ question regarding Scott’s relationship with his father in Season 1, her asking Scott if his actions are in relation to his father during Season 2, as well as Stiles’ negative reaction to the sight and questions of him during season 3) that Rafael is a jerk and deadbeat, he is shown sitting in Scott’s room with teary eyes, implying that whatever his flaws are, Rafael cares a great deal about his former family (or at least his son). In the mid-Season 3 finale, Rafael insensitively reunites with Scott at Allison’s house. At the end of Season 3A, Rafael is seen trying to reconcile with Scott to no avail, which Melissa finds amusing.
During Season 3B, Rafael begins having Sheriff Stilinski’s cases forwarded to him. As many of these are unclosed and unresolved (due to the Sheriff’s new found knowledge of the supernatural), and inspecting Stilinski’s reopening of the Malia Tate case, he starts to have Stilinski impeached, which would have him fired, much to Scott and Melissa’s anger. Stiles coldly lets Rafael know that his attitude towards his father is because of something else rather than his “professional disapproval” of Stilinski, something Rafael doesn’t like Stilinski knowing and Stiles says he knows what it is. When Stiles goes missing while sleepwalking in “Riddled”, Rafael picks up on a line from Stiles’ phone message to Scott and correctly deduces Stiles is sleepwalking, had called Scott while still asleep and is unknowingly at the werecoyote’s den. Stilinski puts aside his differences with Rafael when he finds Stiles and brings him to the hospital, shaking his hand. When Stilinski faces the impeachment case in “De-Void”, Rafael helps to talk him out of the case, revealing to him the real reason he came was to have an excuse to stay so he could talk to Scott. In “Insatiable”, Rafael reveals to Scott why he left. He used to drink heavily back when he and Melissa were still married. One time, Rafael had come home drunk and was holding Scott when Scott was little. He’d got into a fight with Melissa, but he’d caused Scott to fall down the stairs, bruising his head on the floor which led to Melissa screaming at him to get out. Rafael left the family the next day, divorced Melissa and never took another drink again. Rafael later learned Melissa had confided in Stilinski over his drinking over the phone; Stiles had overheard the conversation and Rafael became spiteful toward Stilinski due to his own alcoholism when his wife Claudia passed away. Scott isn’t satisfied with his explanation, telling Rafael he used to “get hurt all the time” and that Rafael was never there for him. In “The Divine Move”, Rafael talks to Melissa, considering going back to San Francisco. Melissa snaps at him, telling him when she yelled at him to “get out” after the incident, she was telling ‘a drunk to get out of the house’, not telling a father to get out of his son’s life. Rafael helps to save Melissa when the Oni attack the hospital, promising Melissa that he’ll do his best to make things up to Scott.

In Season 4, Rafael is staying at the McCall house, to make things up with Scott because he’s “keeping (his) promises this time.” In “Orphaned”, Rafael is able to identify the supposed freshmen Garrett and Violet that have been killing supernatural people in Beacon Hills as the assassins, ‘the Orphans’ from Violet’s weapon, the thermal cut wire. Rafael and Stilinski oversee Violet’s transport to a federal facility, but the transport is attacked by Kate Argent, though they survive. During the school’s quarantine in “Weaponized”, Rafael investigates the situation. He enters the school disguised as a CDC worker after receiving a call from Melissa about a cure for the virus which will save Scott and his friends. He comes upon the assassin Simon ‘the Chemist’ about to execute Stiles. Rafael takes out his gun and kills ‘the Chemist’ to save Stiles from death. In “Time of Death”, Rafael has to leave for San Francisco to report to his superiors about his shooting the assassin. Scott concernedly asks Rafael has he killed before, he replies two other times and lets his son know it’s not easy, taking a life. Scott gives him a hug, but the conversation causes Scott to subconsciously debate should he resort to killing his enemies in order to stop them. Before Rafael departs, because he’s noticed the strange behavior of Scott and his friends, on how they react to the situations happening in Beacon Hills, he tells Scott the two of them are going to have a talk when he returns, because he wants “to be in the know”.



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