Satomi Ito


Lily Mariye as Satomi Ito -Werewolf-

Satomi Ito is an Alpha werewolf, the leader of a Pack, over 100 years old, an old friend of Noshiko Yukimura and Talia Hale, and was Bitten. In 1943, during WWII, Satomi was amongst Japanese-Americans, along with Noshiko Yukimura, interned at Camp Oak Creek. Satomi could be seen regularly playing the game of Go. When it was uncovered that the corrupt army medics were selling medical products on the black market during an epidemic of influenza, a riot between the interns and the officers broke out. Satomi was decked by a soldier during the chaos, but Noshiko saw her injury heal and her eyes glow revealing Satomi’s status as a Bitten werewolf. She’d had “monthly migraines” and the game Go worked as an anchor for her humanity. Unfortunately, Satomi in her vicious, rabid state threw a Molotov cocktail that had been brewed for the riot and she set Corporal Rhys aflame. When the interns were relocated to Eichen House institution and the Nogitsune had brought his chaos to the institution resulting in a bloodbath, Satomi had survived and helped Noshiko defeat the Dark Kitsune.
In “Orphaned”, it is revealed that over the years Satomi had become an Alpha of a Pack: werewolves targeted by assassins in Beacon Hills, DeMarco Montana, Carrie Hudson and Brett Talbot were all Betas of this Pack. Satomi had risen to her status by adhering to the percepts of Buddhism; several of her Pack members utilized the mantra “Three things that cannot be long hidden. The sun, the moon, the truth” as an anchor for their animal nature. Derek and Malia track down Satomi’s Pack to warn them of the Dead Pool, but they find multiple members of the Pack slaughtered. Satomi appears in “Weaponized” arriving at Deaton’s animal clinic with Reed, a Pack member of hers who was sick from what killed the others, eventually dying, to Satomi’s sorrow. Satomi’s Pack were all infected with a virus, a variant of Canine distemper designed for werewolves. Satomi meets Derek, realizing how much he reminds her of Talia. Satomi knew Talia, she’d occasionally visited her before the fire. Derek tells her he remembers because of the tea they drank during such occasions which he found smelled awful. Deaton figures out Satomi wasn’t infected with the virus because she has been inoculated from the tea recipe, from Reishi mushrooms, a powerful anecdotal. An assassin shows up and opens fire on Derek and Satomi, but Satomi dodges the bullets and kills the assassin. In “Monstrous”, hunters-turned-assassins have swarmed into the area, and Satomi’s Pack now totals only eight members, herself included. She and her Pack regroup at the Animal Clinic after Kira saves Brett and Lori, the youngest Betas from the hunters. Kira introduces Satomi to Scott. They bring the Pack to the abandoned Argent Arms International warehouse and rally Chris, Braeden and Derek. Satomi is wary of Chris at first, but Scott tells Satomi he trusts Chris. Chris remembers Satomi from a meeting in the past, he asks her what her mantra means to her. She responds it means the truth that werewolves are inherently violent creatures cannot “remain hidden”. The assassins arrive, and the group is able to fight them off, until the Dead Pool to be shut down, terminating all the Benefactor’s contracts with no casualties.

Satomi is well known amongst werewolf Packs because she is one of the oldest wolves alive; she is physically identical to how she appeared back in 1943 indicating a trait of long life, and was Bitten. Satomi is wise, progressive, and protective of her Pack willing to kill if it means saving them from harm. As an Alpha werewolf, Satomi has immense supernatural agility, able to evade gunfire at point-blank rage and wields an emei blade as a weapon. She is successful as a leader for her Pack, having taught her Pack members control as well as the talent to mask their scent.



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