The Nogitsune


The Nogitsune (Host Body:Dylan O`Brien Voice:Aaron Hendry) -Kitsune-

“The Nogitsune” (野狐) is a Void, or Dark, Kitsune, a 1000-year-old spirit and one of the main antagonists of Season 3. The Nogitsune possessed Stiles throughout Season 3B, causing a string of chaos throughout Beacon Hills. He is a trickster that feeds of pain, tragedy, chaos and the like. Stiles was vulnerable to Nogitsune’s control as the sacrificial ritual Stiles took, along with Scott and Allison, had left a door to his mind ajar. This Void kitsune was the reason the demon entities known as the Oni were summoned to Beacon Hills by the 900-year-old Kitsune Noshiko Yukimura; to search for the Nogitsune’ and kill him.
The Nogitsune first appears to Stiles in a mental apparition in “Riddled”. Stiles is sleepwalking, but in reality Stiles does not know he is actually still asleep. Stiles sees himself in a basement with the kanji “己” carved on a wall. The Nogitsune appears as a bandaged humanoid wearing an over-worn leather bomb jacket. The Void kitsune haunts Stiles referring to himself (along with Stiles) as “we”. The Nogitsune riddles Stiles with the question, “Everyone has it, but no one can lose it. What is it?” Stiles eventually wakes up and the Nogitsune, inhabiting his mind, vanishes. When Stiles loses consciousness during his MRI test for frontotemporal dementia, the same disease that killed his mother, the Nogitsune appears again in Stiles’ mental visions. Stiles solves the riddle: a shadow. The Nogitsune removes the bandages from his body revealing Stiles’ face: the Void kitsune has taken on Stiles’ form as his ‘shadow’. He instantly takes control of Stiles’ body. The Void Kitsune causes utter chaos, arranging for traps, attacks to happen which kill multiple innocents including a sabotaged electrical cable at Beacon Hills Memorial hospital, which induces Isaac into a coma, a bomb scare at the high school but the real bomb going off at the Sheriff’s department. The Nogitsune employed absolute trickery, taunting Stiles’ loved ones as his MRI test results displaying positive signs of the disease were fake, he was a master at Machiavellian schemes, at one point tricking Scott into thinking Stiles had broken free of his possession, enlisting Scott to siphon away the victim’s pain from the very traps he’d set so he could absorb all the collected pain from Scott’s body to grow stronger and maneuvering Stiles’ friends to use as bodyguards from the Oni.

In the episode, “The Fox and the Wolf”, its revealed Noshiko Yukimura had summoned the Nogitsune in the first place back in 1943. Noshiko had wanted him to possess her to seek vengeance upon the corrupt army medics that had caused a manslaughter at Camp Oak Creek, by selling medical supplies for her fellow interns on the black market and the death of her lover Corporal Rhys. She wanted her pain and tragic experience to imbue the Void kitsune spirit with power. Only the trickster, once it was unleashed from Noshiko’s prayers to her ancestors, he instead possessed the bandaged corpse of Rhys because a Kitsune cannot be controlled. The Nogitsune had unleashed his horror causing a bloodbath at the Eichen House institution where the interns had been relocated which Noshiko had never intended to happen. She eventually cornered him and with some help from her werewolf friend, Satomi, slew the Nogitsune. The Void Kitsune’s very essence, embodied in the form of a fly, left Rhys’ corpse, was captured by Noshiko and buried beneath the magical tree, the Nemeton, just outside of Beacon Hills. He laid there dormant for the next seventy years, but the sacrifice undertaken by Stiles, Scott and Allison had released him from his prison. The Nogitsune corners Noshiko Yukimura in the basement of Eichen House in “De-Void” where he steals Noshiko’s last Kitsune Tail from her, her last remaining Kaiken and cuts open Stiles’ stomach which releases a stream of flies from Stiles’ body. These flies infect and possess Derek, Isaac and the twins causing them to go feral, endangering their lives and others. The Void kitsune is eventually subdued with Deaton drugging Stiles’ body with Kanima venom. As assessed by Peter Hale, Stiles is in a battle for control of his mind; the Nogitsune has maintained his grip on Stiles body by playing an endless game of Go with Stiles as Rhys’ corpse atop the Nemeton within Stiles’ subconscious. Scott uses an Alpha’s ability to meld Stiles’ mind with his and Lydia’s to free Stiles from the Dark influence. Scott uses an Alpha’s roar while present in Stiles’ head and Stiles tips over the Go board and breaks free of the Nogitsune. This process splits Stiles from the Nogitsune, Stiles is free and the infected werewolves are cured of their possession. But the Void Kitsune now exists in real time as a copy of Stiles’ shape and takes Lydia hostage.

The Nogitsune holds Lydia at the abandoned Camp Oak Creek. He taunts her telling her that Stiles is dying and he is growing stronger. Lydia senses the Void Kitsune’s impending death at the hands of the Oni, but he had kidnapped Lydia just for the very purpose of knowing in advance when the Oni would be close enough to him. When the demons appear, he takes Noshiko’s last Tail and snaps it with the Oni so close to him that the control of the Oni is transferred from Noshiko to him. The Nogitsune then unleashes the Oni upon the group, though he and his new minions retreat after one Oni is destroyed and another succeeds in killing Allison. In the Season 3 finale episode “The Divine Move”, the Nogitsune, with the Oni still under his control, enters the final stages of his plan of destruction by unleashing the demons all over Beacon Hills; with each person dying as a result of being cut by their blades. Led by Scott, the entire group make one last stand against the Void kitsune and his forces, intent on trapping him within the triskele urn that contained Talia Hale’s claws, as its wood was made from the Nemeton, the very power that kept him trapped before. When Scott, Kira, Stiles, and Lydia face off against the Nogitsune at the school, the Dark Kitsune informs them that the only way to stop the chaos is for Scott to kill Stiles (comparing the young Alpha and his best friend respectively to a kaishakunin and a samurai) in a Seppuku ritual. When Stiles feels he has no other choice, he grabs Kira’s dropped katana and starts to kill himself to end the strife, but then figures out that everything that is happening around him and his friends is an illusion, which they break. The Nogitsune, angered that his “game” has been ruined by the destruction of the Oni and by Stiles’ divine move, attempts to kill his host. He advances on Stiles and Lydia raging, “I’m a 1000 years old! You can’t kill me!” Stiles and Lydia tell the Kitsune they can change him instead by changing the body of his host’s copy. Stiles tells his foe he “can’t be a Fox and a Wolf” moments before Scott Bites him, turning him and Kira stabs him with her sword. The Nogitsune loses his power, his Stiles shape which collapses and dissipates like dry clay, reverts to the form of a fly, and Isaac seals him in the triskele urn, putting an end to his threat.



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