Victoria Argent


Eaddy Mays as Victoria Argent -Human-

Victoria Argent was Allison’s mother, Chris’s wife and an antagonist during Season 2. As a result of the matriarchal rules of the Argent family, Victoria was the official head of the Argents’ hunters who made the final decisions, with leadership on the field being deferred to Chris. She was a rather zealous, vindictive and cold-hearted woman, giving werewolves no mercy, even with humans. She had even tortured to get what she wants as shown when she had the principal of Beacon Hills High electrocuted to have him resign so Gerard could take over his position and she could take a position as a substitute teacher to keep an eye on Allison. Victoria had a very high threshold for pain. When she suspects Scott and Allison are still seeing each other after she and Chris had forbade them to, she mutilates her own arm with a kitchen knife as an excuse to ask Scott’s mother Melissa questions to find out if Scott is still seeing her daughter while Melissa sews her arm up. In “Raving”, she finds out Scott and Allison are still dating when she sees them kissing, so she tried to murder Scott by triggering his asthma with wolfsbane to keep him away from Allison. Her plan was foiled by Derek, who saved Scott and bit her in the process. In the following episode, she writes a goodbye letter to Allison after showing sadness that she didn’t get a chance to talk to her before she took off to Lydia’s party. When the full moon rises she feels the transformation happening, but she can’t pull off her suicide by herself and asks Chris to help her. As per the hunter’s code, Victoria commits suicide so to prevent her transforming into a werewolf. Her death causes Allison’s moral spiral at the end of Season 2. Victoria’s attempt to murder Scott is unknown to Allison until Season 3, as Scott didn’t want that to be Allison’s last memory of her mother. During Season 3A, Victoria appears in flashbacks, and mental visions to Allison.



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