Samantha Logan as Violet -Human-

Violet was a freshman at Beacon Hills High School, an assassin along with Garrett, known as ‘the Orphans’, working on the assassination of supernatural people in Beacon Hills. Violet and Garrett both attend Lydia’s lake house party in the episode “The Benefactor”. Violet is seen coming upon the werewolf DeMarco Montana. She appears behind, strangles and beheads him with her necklace, a disguised thermal cut wire. Sending a picture of her kill to ‘the Benefactor’, she returns to Garrett’s side afterwards who reveals that they’ve been paid for the assassination. They openly embrace and kiss.
In “I.E.D.”, Violet wants to start targeting people worth “the seven-figure-money”, specifically Scott as he has the biggest bounty prize on the Dead Pool. Garret cautions her against going after him as Scott was left standing after the Alpha Pack went after him. When their target, Brett Talbot, is immobilized with wolfsbane, Violet goes in for the kill, but when Scott shows up to save Brett, Violet decides to target the True Alpha anyway. She wraps her thermal cut wire around his neck, but Scott overcomes the wire and knocks her unconscious. Violet is then arrested in “Orphaned” by Stilinski, Parrish and Rafael McCall. Rafael identifies she and Garrett as ‘the Orphans’ from her weapon, the thermal cut wire which had been reportedly been used in a dozen murders. She is then taken into a federal transport vehicle, but Garrett implements a plan to free her using Scott by having Liam as leverage. Before Garrett and Scott can move up to the vehicle, Kate Argent attacks the vehicle, takes Violet hostage for intel on ‘the Benefactor’ and holds her at the abandoned Argent Arms International warehouse, a building the Argents once used for their arms business. Scott and Chris Argent find the building and take on Kate and the Berserkers, but find that Violet has already been killed.



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